The game is played by 4 players using the following cards:
  • Italian deck with 40 cards in it, grouped in four suits (Swords, Coins, Clubs and Cups)
  • Ordered by strength (from strongest to weakest), the cards in each suit are as follows: 1, 3, King, Knight, Jack, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2
The point values of the cards in all suits are:
Ace: 11 points
Three: 10 points
King: 4 points
Horse: 3 points
Jack: 2 points
The cards from 7 to 2 have no value.

At the beginning of a round the dealer gives 3 cards to each player in counter-clockwise order.

After the cards are dealt, the next card from the deck is placed face-up on the table- this card becomes the trump suit for the current hand.

The rest of the cards in the deck are placed face-down, next to the face-up card. The players would later draw from this deck while playing tricks.

Similarly to many other trick-taking games, in Briscola it is essential to earn more points by taking high-value cards.

Now you see that the trump suit for the current hand is Swords.

When a trump card is played, the trick is won by whoever played the highest trump card.

Here you see the player giving 3 of Swords, the next player gives 5 of Swords, his teammate gives the King of swords and the fourth player gives 2 of Cups Тhe player who gives 3 of Swords takes the trick.

When no trump card is played, the trick is won by whoever played the highest card of the suit led. Here you can see a player that leads the trick with 7 of coins, you give 3 of Coins , his teammate gives 2 of Coins and your teammate gives 4 of clubs. You are now winning the trick as you have the higher card of the led suit.

If there are unused cards in the stock pile, after a player wins a trick all players receive another card from the deck with unused cards. The first to obtain a card is the player who won the last trick.

At the end of a round each team scores the sum of the card points it won. The winner is the team that scores more than half of the points - 61 or more from 120 totally.

The first team that wins a specific number of rounds ( for example 3) wins the session.