If you have forgotten your password or cannot log into the game, don’t worry!
There are 4 ways to log into Euchre.COM.

FACEBOOK: If your account was created with Facebook, select the Facebook login option and enter the email and password of your Facebook account.

GOOGLE: If your account was created with Google, select the Google sign-in option and enter your Google Account email and password.\
TWITTER: If your account was created with Twitter. select the Twitter sign-in option and enter your Twitter Account email and password.

E-MAIL: If you usually log into Euchre.COM using your personal email, please follow the following instructions:
1. Go to https://euchre.com/play
2. Select the yellow button that says "Log in with E-mail".

3. Under the green "Sign In" button, you will see "Forgot your password?" Choose it, enter the email with which your account is registered.

4. Select the Send button.

5. Go to your email and open the letter received from Euchre.COM
6. Click on the link in the email to change the password.
7. Enter your new password in both fields, making sure you write it correctly!

8.Click the ‘’Send’’ button.
9.Then enter your email with the new password in the login field.
Keep in mind that if you create your account with a non-existent email, you will not be able to recover your password and access the game. So when you create your account, make sure to enter the correct email address.