The game is played by 4 players using the following cards:
  • Italian deck with 40 cards in it, with cards grouped in four suits (Swords, Coins, Clubs and Cups). 
  • Ordered by strength (from strongest to weakest), the cards in each suit are as follows: 3, 2, 1, King, Knight, Jack, 7, 6, 5, 4
The point values of the cards in all suits are:
King: 1/3 points
Knight: 1/3 points
Jack: 1/3 points
The cards from 7 to 4 have no value
3: 1/3 points
2: 1/3 points
1:1 points

During dealing, the dealer gives 5 cards twice to each player in counter-clockwise order.

Here the first player puts 3 of cups on the table , followed by the Horse of cups, Fante of cup and 7 of spades. The trick is won by the card: 3 of cups.

The points won so far are scored at the end of each round. Fractions are ignored in the score.

In the second round we have 5 of coins ,6 of coins and 7 of coins that will be taken from the Ace of coins.Players who have no cards from the required suit can play any other card.

The last round starts with Ace of spade 3 of the coins,2 of spades and 5 of the clubs. The trick is won from the Ace of spades.

The session ends when reaching the win score set for the session (for example 21), and the other party has not reached it yet.