Brisca is a Spanish card game from the Tute family and similar to Briscola played in Italy.

In VIP games in use is the Spanish deck with 40 cards. The value of the cards in Brisca is the same as in Tute. The cards that have value are the Ace, the Three, the King, the Horse and the Jack the other cards are worth 0 points.

Ace: 11 points
Three: 10 points
King: 4 points
Horse: 3 points
Jack: 2 points
From 7 to 2: 0 points

The game starts with the distribution of 3 cards to each player one at a time in counter-clockwise direction.

The dealer for the first hand is chosen randomly.

The game is disputed in a determined number of rounds. To win each round it is essential to earn more points by taking high-value cards.

The winner of the game is the one who achieves first the determined number of rounds. (hands)

After dealing, the top card is the one that will mark the suit for the actual hand.
The rest is forming the stockpile from where players draw cards.

The player to the right of the dealer starts playing first and in the next round he deals the cards the same way.

The trick is won by the player who threw the highest trump.
If there is no trump card in the trick the highest card from the requested suit wins.
If there are cards in the stock pile, after a player wins a trick all players receive another card.
The first to obtain a card is the player who won the trick, followed by the other players in the direction of play.

You can replace the face-up trump card with one of the cards in your hand.
  • When you hold the 7 card from the trump suit, and the face-up trump card is 1, 3, King, Cavalry, or Jack.
  • The same happens when the player holds the “2” card from the trump suit, and the face-up trump card s 7, 6, 5, or 4.

You can Swap if:
  • You have already won a trick.
  • There are one or more unused cards in the stock pile.
  • You should swap before playing a card in the trick.
  • It is possible to swap only once during a trick.
Black hand is a specific option of Brisca and in case it is active, is possible to win the actual round. It happens if you have the 3 strongest cards from the trump (Ace,Three and King).
Show Black Hand with the dev. help or show the cards which make it.

At the end of each round the points are counted for the cards obtained in the tricks won.

Winner Round
The winner of the round is the team that scores more points. In case both teams won same points, the winner is the team that won the last trick.

The first team that wins a required number of rounds wins the session.