In VIP Gaems Escoba is played with spanish deck of 40 cards, which contains the following suits:

In Escoba it is recommended to memorize the value of the cards.

The goal on Escoba is to have more points than the opponents.

One of the characteristic goals of the game is to combine one of your cards with all cards on the table, the way that the sum of the captured cards is 15. This capture is called ”Escoba”.

You can do 15 but not with all the cards on the table. The cards in these captured tricks are also part of the final score of the game.

The dealer gives 3 cards initially to all players and places 4 cards face-up on the table. The remaining cards from the deck are kept to be used later, their number is displayed on top of the deck.

Trick-taking (capturing) is based on the card value; the suit is not relevant for capturing. Select a card from your hand, and then select one or more of the cards on the table.

How to Play the cards?

Try to capture some of the cards on the table to make a trick together with one of your cards. If you cannot capture, you have to play a card by selecting the "Discard" button and then the cart stays on the table.

When the players cards finish the players obtain 3 more cards from the deck and play until all cards are played.

  • One of the options in this game is the Escoba in dealing.Occurs When the dealing player (who has active the letter D) announces 1 or 2 escobas on the table and there is a 15 in 1 group or 2 groups. This process is automated and the next player discards because there will be no cards on the table.
  • Renuncio occurs when a player discards a card with which he has been able to add 15. In this case, the following player can take advantage of and press the "Take" button adding 15 only with the cards on the table and capture a trick. If the player does not pick it up, the next one can do it.
  • Escoba in hand happens when a player adds 15 with his own cards. If you play with this option just press the button coming out at the right time. The player making this escoba will wait 2 turns to match his cards with the cards of the other players.

When game is finishing and one or more cards remain on the table, they are automatically taken by the player who most recently captured cards.

To collect valuable points and win just try to capture more coins, sevens and card points. Also make as much escobas as you can and keep the 7 of coins

The game session ends when a player or team reaches or exceeds the number of points established in the room options.