Tute is an interesting and popular Spanish card game that you can play in VIP Games. We will explain to you how to play Tute in team play. The game is played with the typical Spanish card deck with 40 cards and 4 players are participating.

The cards in each suit have different strength and value. The 1 card is strongest and worth 11 points in continuation you can see the cards value:
Ace: 11 points
Three: 10 points
King: 4 points
Horse: 3 points
Jack: 2 points
From 7 to 2: 0 points

The game is played in rounds. In each round, your goal is to win more points than the other team by catching high-value cards.

In the beginning each player receives 10 cards.The last card received by the dealer appears briefly face-up on the table before going to his hand. The suit of this card becomes the trump suit for the current round.

You can see an image of this card displayed in the top right corner till the end of the round.

After the cards are dealt they would be played in tricks. During a trick each player places one card on the table. The player to the right of the dealer starts playing first. The one who played the strongest card wins the trick.

Now, let's see who starts the tricks.
  • For the first trick in the round, it is the player on the right of the dealer.
  • For the next tricks, it is the player who won the previous trick.

It is easy to start a trick, you can play any card you want. Тhe suit of the first card played becomes the required suit of the trick.

When you are not the first player in a trick, you would need to consider a few things:
  • Тhe required and the trump suits.
  • Вhat cards were played so far in the trick.
In short, the rules are:
  • Play a card from the required suit, a stronger one if possible.
  • If you can't, then play a stronger trump card.
  • When there is already a bigger trump card on the table than you have, play the card you want.
That's all about the tricks.
You play them trying to win high-value cards.
Let's see how you can score additional points by announcing combinations in Tute.

There are two types of combinations.
  • The first is the Horse and the King cards of the same suit. It is worth 40 points when from the trump suit, and 20 points for the other suits.
  • The second are the 4 King and OR the 4 Horse cards. If you have such a combination you can announce "Tute" and win immediately in the current round.
You can make announce a very easy - you just have to choose the combination and click on the continue button.

You can call 20 or 40 if the team has won the previous trick. If you have several combinations it is possible to choose.

Tute can be announced only if:
  • The player or his partner has won the previous trick, and it is the first trick that the team wins in the round.
  • None of the team has announced "20" or "40" before.

The final score of the hand is being formed based on the points of the cards, the combinations and the last ten. Last ten points are obtained from the team who get the last trick.

For each hand won the team achieves 1 point for the final score.
When the hand ends you will see the score for the round and if it is the last hand will be visible the final score of the game.
When the hand ends you will see the score of the round and if it is the last round also the winners of the game.
The game finishes when a team achieves winning first the required number of hands.