Scopa is played with Italian card deck with 40 cards. Each card has a capture value. The number cards are worth their face value, Jack is 8, Knight is 9, and King is 10.


In the example in the video you can see how Scopa is played by four players in two teams. In the beginning of the round each player receives 3 cards, and 4 cards are placed on the table. The remaining cards are kept aside, they would be used later.


Players play in turns. When your turn starts, you should choose a card from your hand to be placed on the table. If the card you chose captures one or more of the cards on the table you would take them all. If it does not make a capture it would remain on the table. Here are some examples.

There are 5 and 2 cards on the table, their total value is 7. The player plays a 7 card and captures with it the 5 and 2 cards. Note that the suit of the cards is not important, cards are captured only by value. The next player plays a 5 card. Since it does not match in value the two 6 cards it remains on the table. The same happens with the next player who plays a King. The next player also plays a King and captures with it the King card on the table.


When all players remain without cards they obtain 3 new cards from the pile with unused cards. The game continues this way until all cards are played.


There are a few ways to win points in a round. When choosing a card to play you should try capturing cards that help your team win points. The more points you win in a round, the faster you win the session.

In the top part of the screen you can check what are the chances for your team to score certain types of points.
  • The team that takes 21 or more cards scores a point for this.
  • The team that captures the 7 of Coins card scores a point for this.
  • The team that captures 6 or more cards from the Coins suit scores a point for this. Here you can check how many Coins cards your team has won.
  • Capturing all cards on the table is called Scopa. Each Scopa brings 1 point to your team.
  • There is also a point awarded for the team that makes the best prime. It is usually the team that won more 7 cards. This is determined at the end of the round.
At the end of the round you would see the number of points scored by each team.

The session goes on until one of the teams reaches the winning score for the session, for example 11 points. This team wins the session.