By turning on the option "Dealer Deck", you can play with decks other than the default one not only in the "Play with friends" room, but also in Beginners, Advanced and Professionals rooms.

For all users who have enabled the "Dealer Deck" option, the game will be played with the dealer's custom deck. This means that after each round, as the dealer rotates, so will the deck that is being played with.

The deck's change will be visible only to players who have enabled this option. If any player doesn’t have this option enabled, they will only be able to see the default deck being played. In this case, they will play with the cards they have selected for their account.

Important! If you play in the "Play with friends" room and the host of the game has chosen deck for the game, everyone will play with it, regardless of each player's individual setting. If no deck has been specified, then this setting is valid as in normal games for each player.