• Daily Bonus
    The daily bonus is a reward that gradually increases with every subsequent day the player logs in. It starts at 200 free chips the first day and increases by 15-20 chips each day, reaching a maximum of 300 chips per day.

  • Scratch Card
    The scratch card gives you the chance to win between 20 and 200 free chips each time you use one. You can scratch off a new one every 4 hours. If you're lucky, you may get a golden scratch card that yields higher rewards.

  • Invite Friends
    Don’t miss the chance to invite your friends to the game. You get free chips when your friends reaches level 3.

  • Account Merge (If you can't see this reward, you have already taken it)
    You can get a bonus if you merge your account with your Facebook or Google account. You can only get this bonus once.

  • Watch the video and win: This bonus is visible only to those of you who play on our mobile app.

    To pick it up, you'll need to watch a video, and then four caskets will be displayed. You have to select one of them and you will get the prize hidden in it.

  • Bonus after each game: Whether you win or lose the game, you will see in the final pop up screen the option to watch video for additional bonus.