The "Calendar" Bonus is a new type of reward available exclusively to newly registered players! It can be found in the "Bonuses" section under the "Calendar" tab.

This calendar is valid for only 9 days. Upon creating your profile, the advent calendar timer starts, and it will be active in the "Bonuses" section for 9 days. After this period, the calendar will no longer be visible!

For each day during the active period of the calendar, there is a unique bonus you can claim by clicking the "Get" button at the bottom of the calendar! Once you claim the reward for a specific day, there is a 17-hour period before the next bonus for the upcoming day is unlocked. If you collect one of the calendar rewards each day during these 9 days, you have a chance to receive all the bonuses!

If you miss a day, you might not have enough time to claim all the rewards, as the calendar timer starts immediately after you create your profile on the platform. For example, if you already grabbed your bonus for Day 1 and open the bonuses section after 3 days, you will be able to get the bonus for Day 2, but the calendar period will already be down to 5 days, which might not be enough to get all the special bonuses!